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[livejournal.com profile] chrisleeoctaves' 'first lines' list was so very cool that I decided to look through my AtS fics to see what mine look like.

I do loves me some verbiage and overdone punctuation, huh? )

What have I learned? That I'll never use one word when 17 will do. That I love semicolons, colons, and I may, in fact, be the Queen of the Comma Splice. And that I miss Angel so much it hurts.

Quick State of the Akasha update:

~~ Work: Up to my neck in it. If this keeps up I might actually be able to pay my taxes.
~~ Play: This is it, kids.
~~ Writing: Stalled, possibly permanently. Should I advertise for a new Muse? Is there a Craigslist Category for that? Hey, if you wanna apply...
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