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and drop them in to the muddy water off the Tallahachee Bridge....

That's right, chickadees -- tomorrow is the 3rd of June, and presumably it will be another sleepy, dusty Delta day! This demands two days of celebration, hence my post.

I'm going to date myself here -- but I had such a crush on Bobbie Gentry back in the day. I still love Ode To Billie Joe and in my dreams have re-written that godawful 80s movie with Robbie Benson and Glynice Whatserface. My version has lots of sweaty naked boys, angst, and...probably had already been written and posted at [livejournal.com profile] crack_van...

As story songs go, The Ode is my personal fave.

Am I the only story-song 'ho around here? Anybody remember American Suite by Cashman & West?

Or Timothy by the Buoys? "Timothy, Timothy, where on earth did you go? Timothy, Timothy, God, why don't I know?"

And of course, everyone's favorite Canadian crowd-clearer, Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. That damn song ruined The Perfect Storm for me because I kept waiting for someone to say "fellas, it's too rough to feed yer."

Am I alone in this lyrical trap? Who's with me? What's you're favorite story song? Which one makes you want to pull your brain through your ear?
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