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I should know better than to watch news/commentary before bed. After watching snippets from W's press conference I dreamed that I was at what I thought was an Obama house party with Obama, but it turned out to be a roomful of my dead relatives who refused to talk to either me or him, and instead were asking each other "Who the hell are these shitbirds and why are they in the parlor?"

The inaugural was held in my old grade school gym. Nobody showed up except about 10 lesbians. I know this because when I arrived -- in the rain, no less -- the group leader asked me if I was part of the Lesbians For Obama group and pointed to the only other people there -- 10 very chic women all milling about, trying to stay dry. Someone suggested it was time to get her mound of Venus tatted -- so they wandered off in search of a tattoo parlor, which left me and Obama. We did a victory walk around the rotary in front of school, but it was raining so hard that the passing traffic paid no attention to us.

Inaugural anxiety. It can't be good.
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