lostakasha: (canada love)
One of my clients sends me lots of Canadian assignments, which, with the exception of the occasional monosyllabic interview subject (who is typically an oilman from Alberta) gives me heady joy.

And today my joy is multiplied because it involves hooch! I have an interview with the CEO of Wiser's whiskey tomorrow. Sadly, I can't get Wiser's here in Boston, but I am a huge fan of blended Canadian whiskey (points to jug of V.O. in kitchen).

So, my fellow imbibers, particularly those of you from the GWN, have any of you had Wiser's?

The distillery they use now is the Hiram Walker plant in Waterloo; they make Canadian Club, which I have had on occasion. Personally, I prefer O.F.C. -- which I recently figured out is what they put in the Crown Royal bottles and charge you another 10 bucks for.


I know way too much about the subject.
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