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May as well end National Quote Your Own Fic Day on a pornographic note.


All porn. No plot. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

I don't care how many cliches you find in this, I had a fantastic time writing it -- and since it doesn't fit anywhere else, you get to take a peek. And where is Dave's hand, anyway? Hmmm. )

Yeah, I am a total comment whore today. But I'm a happy one.
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Yeah. Crappy week. Fucktards reign. So I have had lots of rum and have written RPS. It's not my best. It may come down in the morning, even. *g*

Author: Lostakasha
Pairing: TJ Thyne/David Boreanaz (fuck me, I can still spell Boreanaz! I must be sober. Not.)
Rating: Huh?
Disclaimer: If I owned them, they'd do me and I wouldn't be writing this.
Author's Notes: Lower your expectations. A lot.

Oh... and this is based on a qoute from TJT where he said he's just out of a 9-year relationship.

RPS Ahoy )
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