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Good morning, class!

Today's lesson: Vicodin + really bad Korean dragon movies = pretty mixy.

If you haven't heard of or seen D-War, you're not missing anything except Jason Behr dressed like a homeless student and looking excruciatingly bored/confused/numb -- and really gorgeous dragons.

eta: here's a piece of the best review ever for D-war: D-War is a bad film. So bad, in fact, that it reaches that rarefied air of badness where it's practically watchable - that is, if you enter with the correct mindset, plus a sense of irony that the film and filmmakers apparently lack. Being stoned or drunk wouldn't hurt either, and if you and your friends love playing "Mystery Science Theater 3000", then this film could be heaven.


It's a convoluted story about the Good Imoogi vs. the Bad Imoogi. Imoogi shmoogi! The dragons are very, very pretty. And you know what makes them prettier? Drugs. :)

Oh, don't give me that look! It's been raining here for 5 days straight and my pleurisy kicked in with a vengeance last night. If you've never had it, pleurisy can be very painful; some days it's manageable, but at other times, like last night, not so much. So, I gratefully succumbed to the lure of major painkillers.

Thus the night of dazzling dragon dreams: curling up to sleep beneath gorgeous mother-of-pearl scales with teal and coral undersides that changed shade as we flew through dark clouds and dodged streaks of violet lightning. No Jason, though. But hey! Two out of three ain't bad (dreaming sleeping and flying while sleeping. Duuuuuude \mm/)

I woke up desperate to design a bracelet with stones and shells, the color of my dreams! That'll have to wait, though, as I have a compelling magnesium production story to write. Gotta pay for the stones, I guess.

Disclaimer: kids, don't do drugs. Everybody else, do them right.

Happy Tuesday, my darling imoogies!
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