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Ah, as poor [livejournal.com profile] sweptawaybayou frets that nobody in her bakery will cry at her funeral, I can just about guarantee that folks will come to mine just to point and laugh.

The other day I had an assignment to interview the rudest, most uncooperative subject ever. It ended after 3 minutes; he wouldn't answer me, so I offered to write the piece as a cold story, with fabricated quotes and give it back to him for his okay. He agreed. Now before you think I'm a total slut, this was a paid advertorial, not a piece of journalism.

It's 2:45 am. I am finally done. I am exhausted and aggravated, so I send the piece off to my editor.

Oh, and there's a fact box that goes with every piece. One of the lines is: Interesting Tidbit.

My Interesting Tidbit read: This guy is an unrepentant tool.

You see it coming, don't you?

I neglected to erase it and substitute an actual tidbit.

My editor did not notice and sent the copy to the unrepentant tool for his approval.

The unrepentant tool was not pleased.

I told you: worst work day ever.

Hold me?
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