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I was a sophomore in college when Kansas' Leftoverture came out. I practically wore it out -- under the headphones with the volume cranked to 10 (Nigel Tuffnel wasn't even a twinkle in Christopher Guest's eye then) - writing like a maniac, getting stoned, writing more, occasionally waking up naked beneath friends' dining room tables -- and so on. Lather, rinse, repeat.

So here we are. 2011. I've got bad knees, a bum ankle, a fat ass, and perky parts that gave up perking before the Patriot Act. I'm down to seeds and stems. My hands go numb in the cold, so I'll let the young'uns occupy Wall Street with my 150% support.

And here I sit, a nice glass of Cotes du Rhone handy, earbuds plugged in and the volume cranked to 12 -- and damn, if that song from that tee-vee show about the two hunting bros doesn't sound just as good as it did when it Carry On was personal.

Guess it still is, in a way, thanks to the queer joy of it all. :)

Don't have a dining room table anymore, though. Perhaps that's for the best.
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