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Apart from stripping the few leaves left on the trees, the big wind scare turned out to be nothing. Which is very good, of course. I love storms, but not the devastation they wreak.

If you've never been to Boston, it's a very windy city with pockets downtown that become serious wind tunnels on blustery days. (It's technically the windiest city in the U.S. -- Chicago got the Windy City nod because of the founders' braggadocio, as in blowing a lot of hot wind. :) I swear!) When they built the Hancock tower, the company stationed "catchers" at the corners of the plaza because the building created a vortex so fierce that it would lift you off your feet. Talk about bucking a headwind -- I worked right around the corner at the time and on many occasions had to hang on to the bus stop and wait for the calm until I could continue past. Until I.M. Pei figured out how to fix them, the windows would actually blow out.

None of that last night, though.

Why am I so damn chatty?

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