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The day of NFA, Angel's tying up loose ends.

Just Someone I Used To Know

Nabbit’s geeky scrawl stains the back of the photo. It’s an honor to know real champions.

The three of them, laughing, beaming, alive. Even him. Angel slips the photo in an envelope, hurriedly scrawls a note of his own.

Cordy loved you. Wes did too. Remember that. Love, Dad.

He’d forgotten the old song, and now it won’t leave him.

There’s a picture that I carry
One we made some time ago
When they ask who’s in the picture with me…
I don’t tell them how lost I am without you.
I say ‘just someone I used to know’.

For [personal profile] crazydiamondsue who has shares the big Dolly love.

Porter Waggoner/Dolly Parton Just Someone I Used To Know
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A trilogy of NFA drabbles, all G.

It's the end of the line for Angel, and he's making notes.

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