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This week's prompt is "First Times."

Yes, it's a perversion, I know...but it suits the day.

Angel, post-NFA

Fight sleep, deny myself the wicked grace of exhaustion, knowing that if I sleep I will wake and remember.

I have no courage to face that moment when light filters into the room and into my head and for that first second of wakefulness I think everything is all right. One blessed second of relief is all it takes to spin the world into focus, spin me down into the clear understanding that everything is the perfect opposite of all right. Better to stay upright, keep moving.

Don’t ask myself why I’m still here when everything I touch fades away.
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Wrote this for today's [livejournal.com profile] open_on_sunday challenge theme: Fools.

Set in AtS Season 4, "Home", rated PG

Requiem )
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The day of NFA, Angel's tying up loose ends.

Just Someone I Used To Know

Nabbit’s geeky scrawl stains the back of the photo. It’s an honor to know real champions.

The three of them, laughing, beaming, alive. Even him. Angel slips the photo in an envelope, hurriedly scrawls a note of his own.

Cordy loved you. Wes did too. Remember that. Love, Dad.

He’d forgotten the old song, and now it won’t leave him.

There’s a picture that I carry
One we made some time ago
When they ask who’s in the picture with me…
I don’t tell them how lost I am without you.
I say ‘just someone I used to know’.

For [personal profile] crazydiamondsue who has shares the big Dolly love.

Porter Waggoner/Dolly Parton Just Someone I Used To Know
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Here's a quartet of old school C&W drabbles, written for this week's Open On Sunday challenge with the theme: Country Music.

Title: Mournful Whistle
Rating: G
Character: Angel
Disclaimer: Whedon, ME & Co own all. I got nothing.
A/N If this reads like a longer story, I think it might be one. Eventually.
Summary: Angel doesn't sing in public for reasons other than his ability to carry a tune.

Hear That Mournful Whistle )
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A trilogy of NFA drabbles, all G.

It's the end of the line for Angel, and he's making notes.

Angel's Lists )
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Dress Rehearsal
Written for btvsats love
Rated G
Pairing...none, really, just Angel and Xander, considered.
Word Count: 3,850
Disclaimer: It's all Joss and ME, always. Just hope to do them slight justice.

Read Dress Rehearsal )
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