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Not everyone on Facebook is Christian. Or whatever the holy hell it is that *you* are, and that you insist that everyone agrees upon and shows their unilateral support in a massive hive mind posting that will, for once and for all, but the Christ back in Christmas.

Recognizing that not everyone shares your beliefs is not "political correctness." It is simply behaving as a citizen of the world with eyes in your head, room in your soul, and an occasional salient thought.

Guess who'd be the first one to tell you that? Hint: ass-kicking the money changers was just the tip of His iceberg*.

No love,

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Bing Crosby danced with Danny fucking Kaye."

So, next Thursday is Thanksgiving in the U.S. D & I were planning a quiet day -- just another day, just the two of us. And so it goes.

Two hours ago D's cousin Winnie called from Wisconsin to say that she and her wife were packing the van and heading east -- to our house -- for the holiday. They arrive Sunday. They'll be staying until the first week in December.


After I screamed and danced with joy -- we love them -- it hit me. Houseguests.

The fridge is empty.

There are no clean towels.

There are no extra sheets that are clean.

Thank goddess we have a guest room. Even if it is packed full of crap, summer clothes, crap, crap, and more crap. Oh, crap!

Sunday's when?

Hallelujah, holy shit and pass the Tylenol. (Where's my Clark Griswold icon?!)

In other news, HAI ALL! ::::smooches wetly and quickly::::
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to wish the ever-so plucky [livejournal.com profile] tesla321 felicitations on her natal day!

...and having broken said silence, I'm going to try and be around more. I miss you all!


May. 16th, 2010 08:18 pm
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Food Network Challenge spoiled me on the end of Moby Dick.

Let me be clear: I hated, loathed, despised, abominated and abhorred Moby Dick and never bothered to finish it. I'd already read The Old Man and the Sea and didn't give a flying fuck about men, aging, obsession, machismo and/or fish.

But that doesn't mean I wanted to be spoiled for the ending, dammit. And on a food show,sheesh!!

Screw it. I'm blaming....

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Title: Rebel, rebel
Author: [livejournal.com profile] lostakasha
Pairing: Christian Kane/David Boreanaz
Warnings: Really?
Disclaimer: Relieved to say they do not belong to me.
Note: The quote read actually appeared on E!Online, except for the "defender" part. :)

hot tramp, I love you so )
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Let's say you needed life-saving surgery.

Dr. D-Bo, let's say, is a brilliant specialist who has a 100% success rate with the procedure -- and also happens to be a cheating man-whore with hidden depths of unplumbed douche-baggery.

Dr. McGoodnik could perform the surgery somewhat successfully; after all, he was top of his class at the Acme School of Medicine and Nail Art. Even though he's only got a 60% success rate with the procedure (damn those shaky hands!) the nurses love him because he is pure of heart and would never dream of cheating at cards, on his taxes or on his wife.

[Poll #1560138]

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Eric Clapton's Forever Man came out 25 years ago and it still pisses me off no end.

You'll try to be my forever man? FUCK. YOU.

but I love the song. Hard.

[Poll #1554855]
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The ham in is the oven, and that's about as Easter-y as we're going to get today. Well, unless you count the vanilla buttercream cake with lemon filling. :)

It's a lovely Sunday, and for most, I hope, a day off. Enjoy!
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LJ's been running horrifically slow so I gave up on trying to post yesterday.

So! Happy Passover to all who celebrate. Have a piece of Glamatzoh.

And wash that down with a taste of this: Seder at Joan & Melissa Rivers'... Too funny!

And, on a more timely note, I wish the happiest of happy days to the truly beautiful and beloved [livejournal.com profile] beadatittude. You are lovely inside and out, on of my most favorite people EVER, and deserve a year/life/afterlife filled with everything you desire. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Cheap and sticky, that's me!

I'm getting addicted to watching BtVS on Logo. It's so comforting and wonderful and awesome, and I've missed it so! You'd think after watching obsessively for so long it would lose some of its joy juice, but it never has. I'm falling in love with Angel all over again. (I have to watch with the remote in my hand because I can't take the animal cruelty ads, but it's worth it.)

What's also fun is watching my sweetie's blossoming (and burning) crush on David Tennant. It's so cute! She loves falling asleep nights with Ten on in the background. She's totally smitten -- the other night she said, "all that fuss about the age difference between Buffy and Angel. Now Rose and the Doctor -- that's an age difference." Awwwwwww. <3<3<3

Watched Desperate Housewives the other night to prep for Le Barrowman's arrival. It was pretty good -- Marcia Cross's forehead moved! Is it always that exciting?

As if the week couldn't be better, the grocery store accidentally sent me a rutabaga. :) Maybe it's a bonus gift for using their delivery service. (I'd love to see the customer profile they based it on.)

Okay, I'm up to my topknot in work. But before I go...

Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] killerweasel! Have a fantastic day, sweets!
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There's not much I can say about the current state of the Herald because I've been gone a long time and the management has changed. But here's what I know for certain:

The Sunnydale Herald is a labor of love.

To my understanding the Herald wasn't supposed to be about content aggregation -- it was about skimming the cream and linking to what we felt were the day's best stuff. Cherry picking was part of the job and the Herald never shied away from it or pretended to be a comprehensive compilation of the day's fannish activity.

Each issue took hours and interest and passion and caring. Those of us on staff at the time were chosen because we had good critical eyes and a deep commitment to the fandom.

Whether you disagree with the editorial choices or not, how the kind of commitment needed to put out the Herald every day helps our fandom die is beyond me.
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...or does the music some skaters use in their long programs sound like the soundtrack from an old Christopher Lee movie mashed up with Russian military music and a clip of that sweaty manic guy in Reefer Madness whamming the piano?

Dude, it is so time to switch to the Food Channel.

ETA: Alexandre Bilodeau at the medal ceremony kinda looks like Connor. Just sayin'. He's Connoresque...hmmm.
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One of my clients sends me lots of Canadian assignments, which, with the exception of the occasional monosyllabic interview subject (who is typically an oilman from Alberta) gives me heady joy.

And today my joy is multiplied because it involves hooch! I have an interview with the CEO of Wiser's whiskey tomorrow. Sadly, I can't get Wiser's here in Boston, but I am a huge fan of blended Canadian whiskey (points to jug of V.O. in kitchen).

So, my fellow imbibers, particularly those of you from the GWN, have any of you had Wiser's?

The distillery they use now is the Hiram Walker plant in Waterloo; they make Canadian Club, which I have had on occasion. Personally, I prefer O.F.C. -- which I recently figured out is what they put in the Crown Royal bottles and charge you another 10 bucks for.


I know way too much about the subject.
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Colorful Captain Phil Harris has died.

Phil was my favorite of all the Deadliest Catch captains, if there's such a thing. (I love most of them* to a ridiculous degree. Even Sig.)

It's completely foolish, I know, but I find myself wondering about the boat, his kids, and weirdest of all, about Murray. And in that order, too. Jeez, I love that show and those guys.


For those of you who don't know, Murray's not Phil's dog. He's a relief captain on the Cornelia Marie. There's just something about him, too. *sigh*

*I wouldn't be so sad if it had been Captain Keith who'd keeled over, the mamzer.
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(to the tune of that Discovery Channel 'I love the whole world' commercial)

I love my coffee
I love my donuts too.
I'm eight foot wide and
I'm only five foot two!
I love my donuts
Maybe a bit too much...
Boom de yada
Boom de yada
Boom de yada
Boom de yada
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when you bend it you can't mend it
but my love for you is like a sinking ship
and my heart is on that ship out in mid-ocean.

Rest in peace, Kate McGarrigle.
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Happy birthday, you wild, wonderful woman. I've written you a poem to commemorate the day.

With apologies to Dorothy Parker:

Ode to Snow

You're one more year upon the planet
It can't get much worse now. Really? Can it?
You're undervalued for what you're worth
Living in lovely Leavenworth.

The summers are boiling,
The winters are freezing.
The men are boneheads or jailbait --
There's no cock for teasing.

You're surrounded by writers, those smutty fair mavens,
That comfort you with perversity and boys misbehavin'.
Fuck the windswept fields of bright yellow corn.
Thank the good goddess your girlfriends write porn.

love you madly,
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Having inherited my dad's high tolerance for pain isn't necessarily a good thing. I's got a fractured fibula and am on bedrest for a few days. They gave me fistfuls of painkillers.

They wanted to keep me overnight, but I thought that was a ridiculous waste of resources and told them so.

I'm in a splint now, but I'll go see the orthopedic person once the swelling goes down and they'll either cast it or set me up for surgery. The visiting nurse will be coming, and apparently there's a wheelchair and a hospital bed on the way, too. The bed will be welcome, I think.

The turkeys are on their own.

Hey! It's past eleven. Time for treats! Nothing like better living through chemistry, I tell ya.

Yesterday when the ambulance came to take me to the ER I begged them to tell me what the secret code is for hauling a fat woman out of the house. :) They vehemently denied there was any such thing, but laughed so hard they nearly dropped me. As they yanked me through the door I said, "It's a Crisco, isn't it? I'm a Crisco!"

(Crisco, for the non-US based, is a brand of lard. And fat, for those of you who've never met me, is what I am. I claim so with pride.)

And my beloved friend [livejournal.com profile] sinkwriter was the generous goddess who gifted me the paid account! As soon as I'm a bit more comfortable I'm gonna get me some userpics and host a poll! Thank you, sweetie -- that was a lovely, lovely thing to do, especially since you've got a sprained wrist. Poor bb! If you need to see a doctor for that, feel free to borrow my line when they ask you how you injured yourself. "Rough sex." Breaks the ice, for sure.

♥ to all....


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