Oct. 16th, 2012

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Firstly, may I just pimp my darling friend Jon Gale? He's going to be on Criminal Minds tomorrow night -- it's his big break on network TV, although he's done lots of stage work and a fair chunk of movies. I'd rather read the police log while covered in red ants and honey than watch Criminal Minds, so this is a BIG DEAL. (Sorry, CM fans -- I just get so triggered that I can't bear to watch most gristly procedurals. Nothing personal.)

Photobucketlet's try this one -- see how handsome!

We're having a friend over to do a Jon Viewing Party tomorrow night; she doesn't care for procedurals either and loves her some SPN, so my guess is that we'll be flipping back to the boys as soon as Jon says his line. :) Yup, that's it -- one line. That's the horror of Hollywood, though -- acting is fairly easy; getting work is what's hard. I don't know how he keeps plugging, but he does. That's why we all moan around looking for our favorite actors to no avail (looking at you, Jason Behr) -- you can't just be gorgeous and talented and relentless, you must be fucking lucky. (Being bendy and indiscriminate might help, but luck has a role there as well.)

Speaking of horror, Jon's latest movie is called Revenant. It got great reviews at the LA Shriekfest and hopes are high for a distribution deal. You can find out about it here: http://www.revenant-themovie.com/

In other news, life in the west is so fine, so far, so good. (Bonus points if anyone gets that song reference.) We went pumpkin picking Sunday and OMG WTF WHY IS CALI SO HORRIBLY HOT? Oh, right. That's why we moved. :::headslam:::

We drove a few miles south to Hayward because there's a Sonic there...haven't had Sonic since [livejournal.com profile] sweptawaybayou took me there in Kansas (oh, Snow how I miss you) so a couple of years and couple of thousand miles west and AHOY cranberry lime fruity goodness. That said, we got lost and with gas prices at an apocalyptic $4.59/gal, we will forever refer to the event as "our $60 burger."

I do not like the butter here. And WTF is a ball tip roast? Do not want. (And I do love me some balls, but really....)

How are you??????
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