Apr. 19th, 2012

lostakasha: (Default)
My little orange tabby, Pyewacket, died in my arms Tuesday. She was 16.

It was so sudden -- she had thyroid problems that we were managing very well and was healthy up until the last day. She was playful and in great fettle Monday night, but didn't come down for breakfast Tuesday morning. She died at 2 in the afternoon.

I'd post her picture but I can't manage it just yet.

Before she lost her hearing last year she would come when I sang for her. If she was hiding all I had to do was belt out a few bars of Happy Birthday and in she'd bounce, all "What do you want?"

I've had many pets throughout my life, but her loss is like no other. I thought she'd make it to California with us and grow old in the sunshine.

And here I was, thinking either D or me would die before we got to the promised land, but no -- just my baby.
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