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and yes, you may call me ho.

But not a hoarder, which is what I felt like when the 1-800-Got Junk truck pulled into my driveway on Monday.

I've been having a long, silent freak-out about moving the contents of a 3-bedroom home to an apartment. Despite been purging for months and making enemies of the trash collectors I hadn't really made a dent in the "stuff." So, I called. They came, and now my basement is empty except for a desk and the washer/dryer.

It took all my reserve, but not once did I mention Hoarders or apologize for the mind-bending volume of stuff they hauled away.

The Junk service is very cool -- they recycle what they can, donate what is appropriate, and trash the trash. I was able to sort out the basement into toss/donate/recycle and pack up a few hundred books in advance. As unholy messes go, mine was fairly well organized -- but it was still an unholy mess. It took four guys 2.5 hours from start to finish.

Now we just (just HA!) need to make a few cosmetic repairs to the finished side of the basement and turn my office back into a dining room. Yay for staging! All these years watching HGTV will finally come in handy!

And speaking of HGTV -- it's [livejournal.com profile] starlet2367's birthday tomorrow! Happy birthday, sweets!!

Anyhoo, we'll call the realtor next week, do a walkthrough with her, and then list the house.

And if all goes well, we'll be prime candidates for an episode of House Hunters.


"A and D have just five days to find the perfect apartment in the East Bay.............."

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